Billie Eilish has joined TikTok under the alias of @coochiedestoryer5.

The pop star joined the video-sharing platform November 13.

Her arrival was a secretive one.

The 18-year-old did not accompany the event by a formal announcement from any of her usual social media channels.

Despite this, fans were quick to discover a pair of videos she has posted.



♬ original sound – BILLIE EILISH

The first depicts Eilish playing the app’s filters.

For the second Billie Eilish performs a trick, something she has not done since age 16.

Demonstrating an interesting talent, she places the entire head of Ukele within her mouth.


♬ original sound – BILLIE EILISH

In doing so Eilish, whose most popular single ‘bad guy‘ has been streamed more than 1, 589, 576, 930 times, demonstrates she may have more than a few surprises up her sleeve.

While she has not uploaded a biography of profile image Billie Eilish has quickly accrued more than 4 million fans.

The posts themselves have been liked more than 22.9 million times.

Eilish has been slow to adopt the video sharing app which shot to popularity in 2019.

Billie Eilish with Grammys
Billie Eilish scoops up several Grammy Awards earlier this year. 

With a US government ban looming on September 20 due to data security concerns, it is unclear whether Eilish’s new account or TikTok at large will survive until the end of 2020.

Until now Eilish’s first port of call when communicating with fans has been Instagram, where she entertains more than 69.2 million followers.

(She trails behind 2020’s most Instagramable celebrity Ariana Grande who lays claims to more than 206 million followers.)

Eilish is no stranger to playing with expectations when it comes to her online identities.

Billie Eilish in 2020
Billie Eilish poses for a publicity shoot in 2020.

In June this year, she unfollowed all 600 of her fellow Instagram follows after facing criticism that one of the 600 was an alleged absurder of women.

She also temporarily deleted her Twitter account in 2019.

Fuck that shit,” Eilish has previously stated about her philosophy toward social media platforms.

I just don’t wanna see all the horrible things people say.”

Billie Eilish 'Therefore I Am'
A press image accompanying Billie Eilish’s latest single ‘Therefore I Am’ 

Her latest move to TikTok continues to reflect this complicated relationship with online identity.

Eilish recently released a new single ‘Therefore I Am’ and hosted a Livestream concert Where Do We Go?. 

Speculation abounds as to whether Eilish’s second studio album could be arriving in 2021.

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