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Episode 4: Olivia Rodrigo and the false narrative of celebrity feuds

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With the arrival of ‘Drivers License‘ in January, Olivia Rodrigo became an overnight success. Just as her star had begun to shine, fans were presented with an all too familiar narrative. The former High School Musical actor’s blockbuster single had been written about a love triangle. It was a story the media was all too ready to exploit.

Olivia Rodrigo fought to reclaim her story

After casting herself as the scorned ex-girlfriend, Rodrigo was pitted against “that blonde girl” former partner Joshua Bassett was rumored to have left her for. Like her idol Taylor Swift, Rodrigo has since been forced to make a number of career re-claiming maneuvers. Keeping a level head, the 18-year-old pop star, wrestled her story back into her hands. In doing so she has been able to deliver a narrative much closer to the truth.  By the time her debut album Sour arrived in May, the public focus had firmly been placed back upon the music itself.

Rodrigo poses for a promotional image.

The Glitter and Gold Podcast Episode 4

In the fourth episode of The Glitter and Gold Podcast host Emily Hollitt (Malina Claire) examines how the mainstream media manufactures celebrity feuds. She also explores the interest it takes in the lives and relationships of successful women. Following this, Hollitt analyses how Disney child stars such as Rodrigo are treated (and mistreated).

The media loves to create narratives where women hate other women,” Hollitt relates. “And thanks to the Twilight renaissance and the popularisation of the love triangle, it’s no wonder Sabrina Carpenter and Olivia Rodrigo have been inserted into that narrative.” Using Rodrigo’s career as an example, Emily examines the damage false media narratives can cause.

Olivia Rodrigo celebrates the release of Sour 2021

Olivia Rodrigo celebrates the release of Sour.

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This podcast was produced and recorded by Emily Hollitt.

Olivia Rodrigo poses for a promotional image.

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