Olivia Rodrigo Sour Prom 2021 blue dress

Olivia Rodrigo expresses herself through music. The 18-year-old pop star’s lyrics are raw, emotional, and vulnerable. She puts so much personality across, listeners instantly connect. Her dress sense reflects this. Combining thrift store chic, ’90s party looks, and a Y2K aesthetic, Rodrigo creates her own distinctive style.

Olivia Rodrigo defines her own aesthetic 

In addition to retro influences, Rodrigo gravitates towards stylishly modern Gen Z looks. Fans have seen her in smock tops, oversize T-shirts, swimsuit units, overalls, chunky Dr. Martens boots, and Speak shoes. Her hit singles, alongside debut album ‘SOUR‘, tell the story of a journey from the heartbreak of the first love to the self-discovery and newfound confidence that follows.

Olivia Rodrigo Good 4 U

Olivia Rodrigo poses for a ‘Good 4 U’ promotional image

Olivia Rodrigo embraces clashing eras and styles 

Rodrigo is a fashion leader. She has proven you do not have to enjoy Rihanna‘s level of superstardom to make a statement. Her personal style celebrates individuality. Often her outfits are a clash with eras and styles. She pulls from a range of different aesthetics and makes them her own. 

Olivia Rodrigo Sour Prom 2021 blue dress

 Rodrigo on the set of SOUR PROM

Olivia Rodrigo and the making of SOUR PROM

Rodrigo recently stated on Instagram that she, like millions of other high school students across the world, was unable to attend her prom due to the coronavirus pandemic. Rather than dwell on the negatives, she produced her own virtual event and invited all of her fans. This fantasy concert film is titled SOUR PROM. Like her look, it is tailored to convey the message it is okay to be different.

Olivia Rodrigo performs 'Enough For You'
Rodrigo performs ‘Enough For You’

SOUR PROM is a generational fashion statement 

Olivia Rodrigo makes a statement by wearing a metallic blue silk-tiered mini dress with chunky Dr. Martens Jadon Max Hardware Leather Platform Boots, a heart necklace, and a diamond-encrusted choker. The resulting mix of high and low fashion is striking. Rodrigo has also revealed the outfit has a deeply personal connection. “After filming SOUR PROM,” she shared on Instagram earlier this week, “I found out my mom wore this dress to her prom in the ’80s and rode there in a white limo. Life is crazy. I love her“.

Olivia Rodrigo Sour Prom 2021 blue dress

Rodrigo poses with a larger-than-life disco ball

Olivia Rodrigo showcases forward-thinking taste

The film amplifies the colorful image fans are familiar with from Rodrigo’s album art, Instagram, public appearances, and music videos. Built around the theme of the most important and emotional of all high school events, the concert showcases another versatile look reflecting Rodrigo’s personal fashion taste. Her outfit reflects a more general cultural shift away from loungewear to partywear. While the coronavirus pandemic is not yet over, consumers are optimistically dressing up again.

Sour Prom 2021 blue dress
SOUR PROM extras were reported to have been allowed to keep their outfits

Not like other prom queens

SOUR PROM is no Cinderella story. Olivia’s prom starts with heartbreak. She slouches in apathy alone in a limousine. She is either dateless or has been abandoned by her partner last minute. Yet as the climactic finale shows, Rodrigo is not waiting for Prince Charming to sweep in with a silver slipper and save the day. Owning her power, she decides life does not have to be hard as we often make it out to be. 

Rodrigo models Sour merchandise
Rodrigo models her personal line of SOUR merchandise

Final thoughts on Olivia Rodrigo

Olivia Rodrigo is determined to be unique. What is more, she has learned to love herself thoroughly despite the challenges life throws her way. 2021’s breakout pop star defies millennial beauty standards and displays inner beauty through a unique exterior. Rodrigo represents the idea that to be successful you have to push through life’s challenges. Her bold clothing choices reflect a strong sense of character and a drive to change the world.

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