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In 2020 the international outbreak of the coronavirus pandemic turned the world of popular entertainment on its head. With the “new normal” looking more and more like a pipe dream for music fans across the world, the first episode of The Glitter and Gold Podcast looks ahead to what 2021 will bring. During the podcast co-hosts Riley Fitzgerald and Euan Morrisson discuss the implications of the pandemic for international pop acts, local Australian artists and, most importantly, the fans themselves.

Festivals Fall Flat

A key point of discussion is the evolution of the modern music festival. Here Riley and Euan discuss the Australian festival scenes’ coronavirus response. They also discuss the ongoing delays and dwindling optimism of festival giants Glanstoburry and Coachella.

Glastonbury courtesy of Glastonbury Festival
The fields of Glastonbury have stood empty since June 2019.

A World Without Music

Riley and Euan also look at what pop stars like Ariana Grande were up to in 2020 and what to expect from 2021’s blockbuster albums. The pair also discuss what nostalgia triggering moments the year may hold. Euan notes a resurgence of interest in the Robert Patterson starring Twilight series, and other films like Lord of the Rings. Riley notes the anniversaries of 1971, 1981, 1991, 2001, and 2011 will invite generational reappraisals of classic albums.  Both speculate on what films and pop songs that may take ahold on unpredictable nostalgia of Generation Z. This lead to a brief detour into how The Matrix has filtered through into the fashion, philosophy and social media-defined identities of pop culture’s youngest generation. The discussion then turns inward. Euan details what it means for a 23-year-old music fan to put their festival and live music agenda on hold. Riley discusses life adjusting to life and lockdown and learning to get by without live music.

Ariana Grande’s Positions was one of the few marquee pop releases of 2020.

What Makes the Festival Experience Special

Both reflect on just what it is that makes The Festival Experience so special. Euan discusses attending defunct heavy metal festival Soundwave as well as recent experiences at Falls Festival. Riley reminisces about attending festivals in the pre-Instagram era.

Falls Festival Byron Bay 2018 Riley Fitzgerlad
Falls Festival, Byron Bay in 2018. Image courtesy of Riley Fitzgerald.

The Glitter and Gold Podcast

The Glitter and Gold Podcast is a weekly pop-culture webcast recorded in Brisbane, Australia.

The podcast is recorded and produced by Euan Morrison.

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[Correction: Riley Fitzgerald mistakenly refers to bankrupt Australian festival FOMO as postponed but not defunct music event Listen Out. He mistakenly refers to Olivia Rodrigo as “Olivia Rodrigez”. ]


Riley Fitzgerald

Creative Director

Riley Fitzgerald is Managing Editor and Creative Director of The Glitter & Gold.

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