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Ariana Grande is a touring powerhouse. And when it comes to her tours, 2019’s Sweetener was a blockbuster. Kicking off the year following the death of former boyfriend Mac Miller and two years after a Manchester concert bombing which killed 22, the sold-out tour saw Grande making 101 stops across 16 different countries. It was attended by more than 1.3 million fans and grossed $146.4 million. 

Ariana Grande’s Concerts are One-of-a-Kind

Excuse Me, I Love You documents Grande on tour.  Over 1 hour and 37 minutes Grande’s formidable vocal talent and powerhouse performances take centre stage. Excuse Me, I Love You makes a viewer feel like they are there.

The documentary also reveals the work it takes to bring these visually spectacular shows to life. Excuse Me, I Love You shows all the small details Grande’s team labours to perfect. It also hammers home that Grande’s elaborate sets and costumes are only secondary to the music itself. Grande’s rendition ‘God is a Woman’ on the opening night of The Sweetener Tour showcases her talents.  Grande’s vocal range is out of this world.

While the tour takes its name from Grande’s fourth album Sweetener it also features material from follow-up thank u, next. While her ponytail and knee-high boots remain the same, Grande is making a transition from a pop heavyweight to superstar before the viewer’s eyes. In December 2020 Grande is the most streamed artist in the world. Excuse Me, I Love You shows why. Grande delivers all of the documentary’s songs with glamour and sass. Excuse Me, I Love You will either have you dancing or sitting in awe of the talent Ariana possesses.

Ariana Grande in 2020
Ariana Grande in 2020.

Life Behind the Scenes

Viewers get a small glimpse into Ariana Grande’s personal life. Behind-the-scenes footage shows this pop star to be humorous, quirky and charismatic. These clips are often hilarious. They capture the sense of humour and normality she encompasses.

One scene occurs after the opening night of The Sweetener Tour. Ariana is camped in on her private jet with her team. She recounts a gruesome yet laughable story about several of her pet’s horrific experiences at “toilet time”. Moments like these balance the extravagance of Grande’s lifestyle with a sense of normality and realism.

The film also displays the sense of family and respect Ariana shares with those around her. Her shows are opened with a ‘gratitude circle’. It is clear that Grande is far from the stereotype of an aloof pop star.  There is a touching scene where Grande says goodbye to lighting technician Phillip. Another entails a performance of Nicki Minaj collaboration  ‘Side to Side’ which sees Grande gives each of her backup dancers a solo and calling each by name.

Ariana Grande Dangerous Woman
‘Side to Side’ appeared on 2016’s Dangerous Woman.

Her Fans

What is striking most of all is Ariana Grande’s sense of gratitude to her fans. “I just really love you guys and am very grateful,” she shares at the tour’s final show. “I know that it was a lot and it has been hard physically and mentally. This show saved my life for sure saved my life this year.

Grande is also a fan herself. The documentary also features the very down to earth reaction of Grande’s when idol Mariah Carey personally asks for her to dance to hit song ‘All I Want for Christmas is You’. “The fact she thought of me is soul-shaking,” Grande beams. “As an artist and a fan”.

Ariana Grande poses for 2019 publicity shot.

Ariana Grande poses for 2019 publicity shot.

The Real Ariana Grande

Ariana Grande is a superstar. At age 27 she is worth an estimated $150 million dollars. She drives a Mercedes and has had several high profile flings. The media has tended to cast her someone whose life is filled with extravagance. While this may be true it in some regards it is not the whole of the story. With 2020 album Positions Grande revealed a quieter side of her life and her desire for stability amidst the turmoil of fame. Recent news of Grande’s engagement to non-celebrity partner Dalton Gomez further suggested a more grounded lifestyle. Excuse Me, I Love You reaffirms this, revealing the world biggest pop act is surprisingly down to earth.

An Amazing Experience

Excuse Me, I Love You is an amazing virtual experience in a year where live concerts became a distant memory. While Grande delivers plenty of dynamite on stage the pop star, notorious for the degree of control over her private life, is surprisingly absent off it. It would have been incredible to see a more personal side of Grande as well. The balance of glamour and normality in the film sets Excuse Me, I Love You from other documentaries of its kind.

  • Ariana Grande' 'Excuse Me, I Love You'
The Good

Incredible performances

Down-to-earth moments

Pop's biggest star

The Bad

Still distant

Needed more behind-the-scenes

No tour in 2020

Caitlin McNulty


Caitlin McNulty is an intern at The Glitter and Gold.

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