Billie Eilish blonde 2021

Billie Eilish is a style leader. One of the most influential women in fashion, her rise to fame was accompanied by baggy GUCCI outfits and striking hair colours. In the lead-up to the second album Happier Than Ever, she has embraced a more feminine look.

Billie Eilish projects confidence 

Eilish once covered up her body to avoid being over-sexualized. Recently she admitted this approach “didn’t work.” She now rejects the fear of judgment. Her simple response is to dress any way she chooses. In this regard, she shares the current Gen Z taste for color and eccentrically individual combinations. The 19-year-old pop star’s individualistic style casts aside the oppression of conventional beauty standards. She boldly clashes luxury and street fashion.

Billie Eilish blonde 2021
Eilish showcases her new look

What is Billie Eilish wearing? 

Helping Eilish puts her individuality across is a strikingly individual outfit. Here Eilish wears a ‘Figaro Campbell’ Miaou corset top, a lacey bra, and a white see-through button-up top. She accessories these with pearl necklaces and earrings. These appear to be Mejuri. Billie has only recently done away with body-hiding baggy clothes. She now shows the world a more honest portrait of her figure. In an industry dominated by plastic surgery and photoshopping, this pop star makes herself a striking point of difference.  Eilish shares her body openly. Doing so, she shows she is comfortable in her own skin. The result is a look that radiates self-love and freedom.

Casual Glamour 

Billie Eilish uses what she wears to make a statement. As with her much-talked-about British Vogue cover shoot, her corset and lacey bra reflect a provocative yet classy image. The choice is on-trend and fashionable. In playful contrast, she wears pearls (traditionally a symbol of chastity, innocence, and feminine power). Alongside an androgynous shirt, they add to the electricity and vibrance of this bold centerpiece.

Billie Eilish blonde 2021 Vivo
Eilish poses for a Vivo promotional photo


Eilish’s corset is made by the reputable and rising fashion brand Miaou. French for ‘Meow’, the company is the brainchild of designer Alexia Elkaim. Raised between New York and LA, this retro romantic grew up scouring flea markets for novel vintage pieces. As a result, her designs embrace a combination of new and old. Her fashion pieces, alongside several of Eilish’s recent outfits, channel the casual ’90s glamour and mid-century Paris fashion. 

The popular ‘Figaro Campbell’ Miaou corset 

Final thoughts on Billie Eilish’s new look

The message here is this. Depending on the designers you wear, your mannerisms, and how intellectual you are, you can still wear sexy revealing clothing and be perceived as classy. Classiness depends on your inner aura. Physical appearances, after all, are not the first thing you should love. Inner character and personality are what count. When it comes to these personal qualities Eilish has no shortage. Casting aside self-judgment, Billie Eilish rejects the negative opinions of others. In doing so, she sets a great example for the rest of us. 

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