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‘Kiss Me More’ is the latest release from pop princess Doja Cat. The LA star’s rise to fame has been stratospheric. Two years on from the 2019 release of Hot Pink, her debut album’s singles continue to dominate the pop charts. Her latest single, a collaboration with SZA, is the first song to be released from her forthcoming second album Planet Her.

Doja Cat on ‘Kiss Me More’

When asked about the album by SZA in an interview for V Magazine, Doja explained where the album was headed. “For me,” she shared, “I want to try all these things, but I’m starting to learn what I’m falling into is a lot of the house, disco, vintage-y essences—that’s where my heart kind of lies. But I still am doing shit that I don’t understand. It’s still really fun!

Doja Cat Planet Her Album Cover

The cover of Doja Cat’s forthcoming second album Planet Her.

‘Kiss Me More’ is Vintage Pop

‘Kiss Me More’ is exactly that. It gives a fun vintage vibe to an unmistakably upbeat pop foundation. A rhythmic ’80s-sounding electric guitar, a punchy kick drum and breathy ad libs, set the groove. ‘Kiss Me More’ is addictive and catchy. Lyrics like “All on my tongue I want it!” are screamed throughout the song. They are the kind of cheeky and spunky additions which have become a Doja Cat staple. Her vocals are sweet and sassy.

Doja Cat Planet Her Album Cover Art

Album artwork from Doja Cat’s Planet Her.

Has Doja Cat Changed?

Much like recent material from The Weeknd, ‘Kiss Me More’ arrives devoid of the not-safe-for-work lyrics that defined many of Doja Cat’s earlier songs. This may suggest she too is making a career progression from LA upstart to pop superstar. ‘Kiss Me More’ drives home that Doja Cat is here to stay. Passing through her hip phase, she is ready to play with big dogs.

Doja Cat Say So GIF

Doja Cat as seen in her ‘Say So’ music video.

SZA Brings Maturity to Doja Cat’s Chaos

SZA’s 2017 album CTRL was the most celebrated alternative R&B releases of the last 10 years. SZA, like Doja Cat, has her eyes set on bigger things. Her collaboration with Doja Cat, who despite her pop success is also noted for her authenticity and musicality, is a canny opportunity for SZA to bring awareness of her music to a greater audience.

Career considerations aside, ‘Kiss Me More’ showcases genuine musical chemistry. SZA’s verse is the perfect addition. It adds a level of maturity and serenity to Doja Cat’s fun and chaotic nature. Together, they create a melodic and funky song that is bound to dominate the pop landscape for the foreseeable future. ‘If Kiss Me More’ sets a precedent for what listeners should expect on Planet Her, we are all in for a treat.

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SZA and Doja Cat 'Kiss Me More'
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