The Gucci Kangaroo is a popular Australian urban legend. It is collected in author Amanda Bishop‘s 1988 folklore compilation of the same name. The story, Bishop notes, has appeared in several variations. These trace their way as far back as the 1930s and typically concern a kangaroo, money, and expensive clothing. The hapless victims of the marsupial are either wealthy tourists or members of a foreign sports team.

The Gucci Kangaroo

In the summer of 1986, the Gucci sponsored Italia participated in the America’s Cup yacht race. During one leg of the race, the boat moored in Fremantle, Perth. After a big night of partying, two members of the Gucci crew left the city to explore the surrounding countryside.

Not long into a journey, a kangaroo bounded in front of the pair’s rental car. The driver swerved. It was too late. When the dust settled, the hapless animal lay dead on the road before them.

After the shock wore off, the two decided to have some fun. After all, they had never seen a Kangaroo before. The competitive spirit of the race still in their minds they decided to dress the Kangaroo, which was also the Australian team’s emblem, in a $600 Gucci jacket and some equally expensive glasses. Posing beside the kangaroo the Italians began to take a photograph. Just as they were about to strike the perfect angle the kangaroo stirred.

The animal had not been killed as the two had believed, merely stunned by the impact. A scuffle ensued. Before either of the team could lay hands on the beast it hopped away into the local scrub, taking with it the glasses, jacket, passport, car keys, and $200 cash (the pair’s drinking money for the weekend). Gucci family would later take its revenge, releasing a line of $990 kangaroo-fur-lined loafers in 2016.

Riley Fitzgerald

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Riley Fitzgerald is Managing Editor and Creative Director of The Glitter & Gold.

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