Lana Del Rey has released three new songs. Titled ‘Blue Banister’, ‘Wildflower’ and ‘Text Book’, each will appear on her yet-to-be-released studio album Blue Banisters. The album will be Lana Del Rey’s second 2021 release. It follows the arrival of her long-delayed seventh album Chemtrails Over The Country Club in March.

‘Blue Banister’

‘Blue Banister’ celebrates Americana. Del Rey sings of Oklahoma and heartbreak. It echoes the minimalist Heart-of-America tone Del Rey has increasingly moved towards on recent releases.

‘Wildflower Wildfire’

‘Wildflower Wildfire’ is a ballad dealing with the intimate details of a relationship. The song teases what may be biographical snippets about Del Rey herself. During the song, Lana sings about her tempestuous relationship with her mother and writing poetry on prescription bipolar medication lithium. From the little that is known of Del Rey’s mysterious past and struggles with mental health, these lyrics certainly fit the bill.

‘Text Book’

I was looking for the father I wanted back,” Del Rey begins on ‘Text Book’.  Here Del Rey continues to talk about a father complex. She also makes a cryptic reference to participation in 2020’s Black Lives Matter protests. Could Blue Banister be an album that reveals more of these long-speculated-over details on Del Rey’s past? It is possible. Though given that Del Rey’s lyrics shift between fact and fantasy, they are not always to be taken at face value.

Lana Del Rey remains a mystery

Del Rey seems keenly interested in maintaining an air of mystery about her work. This can be seen in ‘Text Book’, which closes with a shift into the allegorical referencing of Ol’ Man River. This is a local nickname from America’s Mississippi River and the subject matter for a popular 1920s showtune of the same name.

Lana Del Rey 'Blue Bannisters' Album Cover

‘Blue Bannisters’ has yet to receive a release date

Lana Del Rey in 2021

2021 has not been out its controversies for Del Rey. She recently drew criticism for posting an Instagram photo. The image expressed admiration for the British Royal Family. Del Rey, who recently became engaged to fiancé Clayton Johnson, seems unperturbed. She continues to chart a course as one of the most original and divisive artists of a generation.

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