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The Glitter and Gold is an Australian publication with a unique perspective on music, culture and current events. Our mission is to uncover a deeper understanding of human nature through embracing the energy and excitement of modern times. We take a warm and colourful look at the personalities, events and ideas that shape our world.

Our Vision

At its best,” editor Riley Fitzgerald shares, “The Glitter and Gold inspires readers to dream, think, create, love and to be themselves. The good we seek to achieve is bringing people together and helping others. Like music, The Glitter and Gold can be fun yet also capable of being deeply profound. It points the way to possibility and opens the door to deeper human truths.”

Want to work with us?

We are currently looking for reported feature articles, newsworthy interviews and photo essays that go beyond expectation to ignite passion.

Freelance Rates: $200 (AUD) for articles, interviews or photo essays.

The Glitter and Gold pitch guidelines

  • Send via email only to We cannot be responsible for material or pitches sent any other way.
  • Limit your pitch to 500 words.
  • State the basic premise of your piece.
  • If relevant, list intended sources, interview subjects and experts to be consulted.
  • Offer reasons your submission will resonate with our readers.

We try to respond to pitches within four weeks.

If they are accepted, we will send information on how to join our freelance network.

We look forward to hearing from you!

Riley Fitzgerald

Creative Director

Riley Fitzgerald is Managing Editor and Creative Director of The Glitter & Gold.

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The Glitter and Gold is a digital magazine and record store in Fortitude Valley, Brisbane.
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