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Released in February 2021 Framing Britney Spears instantly struck a nerve. Shocking millions, The New York Times documentary cast new light on the spectacular decline of one of modern music’s biggest stars. It laid bare the confronting realities of celebrity culture and the popular media’s dehumanizing treatment of women. It continues to provoke discussion. More than ever, music fans across the world are questioning media depictions of women, challenging systemic sexism and asking how narratives like Spears’ can be reclaimed.

The Tragic Story of Britney Spears

With the legal dispute surrounding Britney Spears’ controversial conservatorship continuing to unfold, The Glitter and Gold has launched its own investigation into the making (and unmaking) of one of pop’s most influential acts. Hosted by Australian musician and journalist Emily Hollitt, this episode will be the first of a series examining the ongoing narrative of Britney Spears and other significant women in popular music. From Taylor Swift to Sabrina Carpenter, each episode will seek to challenge society’s deeply held assumptions about women and examine how the truth of their stories has been obscured. Starting, of course, with the tragic story of Britney Jean Spears.

Britney Spears On the Cover of Oops!... I Did It Again
Britney Spears on the single cover of Oops!… I Did It Again.

Britney Spears Fell Victim to the Media Industry

In this episode of the podcast, Emily discusses her own relationship with Britney Spears. After this, she delves into Spears’ rise to fame. Hollitt examines how Spears fell victim to the media industry. She breaks down several interviews illustrating the paternalistic attitude the media takes toward women. Emily also speculates how Spears’ childhood, her father, the star’s troubled relationships and a sea of paparazzi led to her dramatic breakdown. Hollitt also looks at Britney’s own creative contributions to her songs like ‘Everytime‘ and her music videos. She presents Spears’ story in more detail than may have already been known.

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